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Central Park - Blue Sky/White Sky

We have had a crazy Spring and early Summer here in New York.  Brilliant days alternated with stormy downpours, sometimes several times a week.  We had been planning a Central Park wedding with Richard and Yvonne for over a year.  They had family coming in from all over and were looking forward to some beautiful pictures.  Then it happened - a prediction of torrential rains, gale force winds, and lightning for their wedding day, while the day before was going to be perfect.  So to be sure we got good photos, we asked Yvonne and Richard to put on their wedding clothes the day before and come down to the park.

The first three photos were taken the day before.  The last two were taken on their wedding day. As it turned out, the rain held off till later in the day and the storm was not as dire as first predicted.  Still, we were glad to have gotten those photos the day before.

At the Bow Bridge in the sunshine

Overlooking Bethesda Fountain

A perfect day in the park

Exchanging rings the next day

A misty day but the skyline is still visible


Alternative Wedding photo location ideas

Liz and David came over from England to get married in Central Park.  Nothing unusual about that, but after their ceremony, they jumped into a vintage Checker cab to find some offbeat wedding photo locations.  They love graffitti so 5 Pointz in Long Island City was a perfect backdrop.

Super wide angle lens action

After 5 Pointz, they went to the Dumbo area for bridge views and a ride on Jane's Carousel.  By the way, the weather was not cooperative that day, so having the Checker was a life saver.  Liz and David were real troupers posing for photos in between bouts of cold rain.

The Manhattan Bridge and Checker cab

On Jane's Carousel, perfect for a rainy day


Central Park Brides

A few pictures of brides by themselves. What can be prettier?


Central Park in the Snow

I wish there were a way to promise everyone when they come to Central Park in the winter to get married that it would snow, that is if they want it.  A lot of people do come here in the winter hoping to experience a big snowstorm or at least a pretty white dusting.

Let's be honest, if I didn't have a wedding to do, I probably would not make it out to Central Park on a snowy day.  This couple were happy to take their vows in Wagner Cove in a flurry of snow.  Then we walked about and found a play area where the city had made extra snow for sledding.  Beautiful and fun!


Winter weddings in Central Park

There are many advantages to winter weddings in Central Park.  Regardless of the season, no one can ever predict how the weather will be.  Winter in the park can be just as beautiful as any other time of the year.  In February we often have the park pretty much to ourselves.  We can have backdrops of huge beautifully landscaped vistas with hardly a person in sight.  One this day it had been raining heavily. We managed to stay dry first by having the ceremony inside the Ladies Pavilion and then by stopping in the many smaller shelters as we walked through the park.  And, I don't know why but bad weather usually takes a break for a wedding.  We were able to go through the park taking photos all along the way.
We finished off our park pictures in the Boat House, a pretty bar and restaurant right on the lake.  Because it was a rainy day in February and few people there, the two stuffed chairs by the fireplace were waiting for the newly married couple.