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Cheryl and Louise planned their wedding for over a year and it was perfect!

Louise and Cheryl with friends at Robert Indiana's Love sculpture.

Louise and Cheryl on a rock in Central Park - yay! Wedding accomplished.


Central Park - Blue Sky/White Sky

We have had a crazy Spring and early Summer here in New York.  Brilliant days alternated with stormy downpours, sometimes several times a week.  We had been planning a Central Park wedding with Richard and Yvonne for over a year.  They had family coming in from all over and were looking forward to some beautiful pictures.  Then it happened - a prediction of torrential rains, gale force winds, and lightning for their wedding day, while the day before was going to be perfect.  So to be sure we got good photos, we asked Yvonne and Richard to put on their wedding clothes the day before and come down to the park.

The first three photos were taken the day before.  The last two were taken on their wedding day. As it turned out, the rain held off till later in the day and the storm was not as dire as first predicted.  Still, we were glad to have gotten those photos the day before.

At the Bow Bridge in the sunshine

Overlooking Bethesda Fountain

A perfect day in the park

Exchanging rings the next day

A misty day but the skyline is still visible


A Festive Pride Month

This June has been a Pride Month to remember. The Supreme Court has struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8. As one of the growing number of Marriage Equality states, New York is a magnet for same sex couples who want to "make it legal." Congratulations!

Sophie and Deanna exchange rings in Central Park's Cop Cot

About to board a chartered sailboat at North Cove MarinaDeanna and Sophie with a fantastic view of the Statue of Liberty as seen from New York Harbor

Dwayne and Bryan in Times Square with Solstice yoga practitioners

A smooch by the Brooklyn Bridge

Sometimes you just want a quickie - marriage ceremony, that isLisa and Gee with Central Park's romantic Bow Bridge


Central Park Brides

A few pictures of brides by themselves. What can be prettier?


Our Date with Elvis

Debbie and Simon, married 25 years, decided to renew their vows in Central Park with an Elvis impersonator. For their first trip to New York (from Leicester, England) they lucked out with beautiful weather and a fun ceremony.