Our Date with Elvis

Debbie and Simon, married 25 years, decided to renew their vows in Central Park with an Elvis impersonator. For their first trip to New York (from Leicester, England) they lucked out with beautiful weather and a fun ceremony.



Exposed, the movie

Beth B's new documentary, Exposed, recently premiered at the Berlin Film Festival.  I was happy she used some of my photos in the movie and in the promotional materials.  The movie is an in-depth look at some of burlesque's most talented performers.

Tigger! Loves NY

Dirty Martini holds the scales of justice


Victory Fund for Christine Quinn

We photographed an event for the Victory Fund last week.  They are a national organization that work to get LGBT candidates elected to political office.  The event was MCed by Rory O'Malley, founder of Broadway Impact and star of Book of Mormon, and featured a performance by Roseanne Cash.  Notable guests included Congressman Barney Frank and Houston Mayor Annise Parker.

Christine Quinn and Annise ParkerKim Catullo, Christine Quinn, Roseanne Cash

Rory O'Malley, Barney Frank, Christine Quinn

Mar172013 vs.

In case anyone has noticed, we have changed our main domain name to still brings you to our site, but the name displayed in the address bar is  There are several reasons for the change.  When we first started the site, we wanted to get "New York" and "photo" or "photographer" into the domain name.  Of course, these names were taken in .com so we went over to .nu and bought the domain.  Not knowing how Google works (and honestly, we still don't, it keeps changing) we thought the domain name would bring us traffic.  But the traffic it brings is not what we were thinking of.  We get people looking for stock photos and archival photos of New York City.  
So we think it is a better idea to emphasize the photographer rather than a generic company name, since we are not a photography agency.  When you hire Ande Whyland, you're going to get Ande Whyland, sometimes by herself, sometimes with Dany Johnson.  
We will soon begin the process of updating our website's template.  The change will make the site more legible on tablets and phones and allow easy integration with social networking.



Photos around New York City landmarks

Morgan and Jennifer were in NYC for vacation.  To document their trip they decided to have photos of themselves taken at landmarks all over the city.  We traveled from their hotel to Rockefeller Center, Grand Central, Times Square, the Love Sculpture and Central Park all on foot.  It's amazing how close together these locations are if you like to walk.  Even though the temperature was cold, the sun and blue sky made it cheerful. 
We ended the day by the Brooklyn Bridge, which is the most beautiful at late afternoon, and treated ourselves to some hot chocolate at South Street Seaport, then they took the water taxi back uptown to their hotel.
the love monument
at central park with statue of liberty performer
at grand central station